Mind your own business.

We’ll make being online easy again.

Simple, focus on the business, by managing your online services all in one place.

Marketing your business should be simple, at Oradoo we believe in taking the hassle out of your technology. We do this by managing your accounts and services on a technical level so that you can focus your energy and time on your business. We achieve this by helping you in 3 ways: creating a centralized dashboard for the services we monitor, analyzing and monitoring to provide you with accurate and informative data for better decisions , and always being availible if you have questions.
Focused Dashboard
Centralizing infomation about all the service we help you monitor. Never dig through your emails again in search of that account you use once a year, all the details you need in one easy to manage location. Tour the Dashboard
Meaningful Data
To truly make your services work for you again, they should also help you make better decisions about the things that are working. Never guess about your services again. Get a Sample Report
No-Strings Support
What good is a tool or service if you can't find the answers or solution you are looking for. Our staff is dedicated to helping empower our clients, all you need to do is ask. Still have Questions?

develop marketing empowerment through understanding, not more jargon.

Shouldn't marketing your business be simple. With so many powerful tools, talented creatives, and marketing consultants it seems that the opposite has become reality. We believe your marketing should make sense to you, you don't need jargon or raw data from your campaigns. Oradoo turn marketing jargon, data, and insights into easy to understand reports that empower and make marketing simple again.
We aren't a marketing company, we don't create advertisments, can't build your next app. Infact, we play nicely with any teams , agencies, and marketing that you are already have. Knowledge Empowers, we deeply believe this and look forward to bringing you insight into your marketing.